10 Reasons Why “C” Students End Up Being More Successful After Graduation

If we are speaking about the late 1800s, the main purpose of schools was to teach students obedience. As the industrial age came, big corporations and factories needed a lot of workers. The purpose of education changed a bit – their aim was to teach students being obedient and compliant workers, who will never take courage to ask questions.

The academic system became a place where all students should be standardized to fit the desired pattern of society. Those who failed the test had to be held back another year to teach and try it everything once more.

Of course, the society has changed a lot, while the education system in many regions and countries still remains the same. Old-school teachers still give lectures using the same ways as it was before. Without doubt, the Internet has influenced the way we live now significantly. If you want to learn something new, you don’t necessarily need to go to library and sit there for hours reading an encyclopedia. You can just run through Wikipedia or some other educational websites, or you can even take up some online courses. There is a great number of programs aimed to provide people with deep knowledge using some innovative and effective methods and taking not so long time.

People can even work from their homes. It is claimed by researcher that in approximately 3 years the majority of people will not even leave their homes to provide for the living. More about self-education: https://ninjaessays.us/invest-self-education/Modern society we are living in now doesn’t actually need obedient and flawless workers. To contribute to the world greatly, people should be great artists, hackers and innovators.

With all this we can easily examine now why C students are basically better than excellences after graduation.

  1. They do not trust systemized educational system. C students question the validity of the whole system. They realize its importance but they don’t actually worship it. They understand that there are many other ways of getting education except the traditional ones. So, they always have some other ways outside the system. They are not afraid of doing something else that really brings them pleasure.
  2. They are not just obedient followers. They don’t follow the crowd and think for themselves firstly. They don’t do something without wondering what it is. C students also usually come up with different new ideas.
  3. They don’t have aims to impress their superiors. Of course, C student respect their teachers but they don’t worship them and do all their requests. They do not take great pains to impress them – they just do what they need to do. Teachers are not the guardians to their success and they are not dependable on them.
  4. There are some other things they have to think about, namely some bigger ideas. They are not obsessed with the grades – C students think more about future. They do not wait classes to finish to start living their lives to the fullest.
  5. They have their own view on what success is. While the biggest success for their fellow students is getting the highest grades, C students put some higher priorities. They know for sure who they are and what they want to achieve in their life.
  6. They know how to use other people and their abilities for own benefit. While others do their best to accomplish everything on their own, C students manage to gather talented and smart people around them to compensate for own weaknesses. In this case, they don’t feel they are worse and they are ready to admit they don’t know something.
  7. Self-directed learning is the best for C students. Actually, they like learning something new – they just want to do it the way they like so that nobody dictates them the rules. They prefer to discover everything by themselves.
  8. Perfectionism is not about C students. Done work is always better than brilliantly perfect work. This is the rule they all follow. They aim to see the result, while mistakes only teach them how to become better.
  9. They don’t waste energy in vain. C students are always focused, witty and quick. The most important is that they are aware of this or that subject, convincing somebody that it is true is thoughtless.
  10. C students are great dreamers. While other students are listening to the lecture attentively, they have already grabbed its main topic and dream about the future, thinking of that things they need to do to achieve something. They are thinking of big ideas, and thoughts are often materialized. Using https://ninjaessays.us/ students can realize their ideas in writing and dreaming.