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6 Embarrassing Writing Mistakes to Avoid

Even professional authors are not immune to making common writing mistakes. In order to avoid criticism and prevent risking your reputation, it’s better to present an error-free text. But how to make sure that your writing doesn’t have any mistakes in it when it’s so easy to miss a comma or mix up one word with another, even unintentionally? Here’s our list of the most[…]

How to Write a Powerful Case Study Analysis

Writing a great case study requires time and effort because a thorough analysis needs to be conducted if you want to come up with the paper, which people actually want to read. Here are some simple guidelines on how to write a great case study, which is filled with valuable insights, valid analysis, supporting evidence and proposals of viable solutions.

How to Write a Compelling Biography Essay

There are many different types of papers that students are required to write and in order to compose a good essay, one should know the basic principles of each particular type of writing. Crafting a biography essay is an interesting assignment. It might seem to be quite simple to many students but still, there are certain rules that need to be followed if you want[…]

Essentials of Writing a Works Cited Page

Everyone knows that proper referencing is a half of a good work on a paper done. If your Works Cited page looks neat and the applicable reference style is used right, get ready to get an A. But if it doesn’t look sharp, the instructor will have no choice but mark down the final result despite how good the research and content is. And since[…]

How to Write Lyrics

You may have a perfect tune in mind, but without lyrics to match, your cause is lost. Here we will try and give you a few ideas about lyrics writing. Follow these and the process will come naturally to you.

How to Write an A+ Essay: Tips and Tricks for Successful Essay Writing

Essays are generally scholarly pieces of writing written from an author’s personal point of view, but the definition is vague, overlapping with those of an article, a pamphlet and a short story. There are so many types of essays, as well as their structures and writing style features. Nevertheless, the NinjaEssays.us will try to assist you and show how to perform a brilliant work. The[…]

Writing a Report: Why Proper Structure Matters

For many young people university seems like a lot of fun: parties, hanging out with friends, a lot of alcohol, new people and, of course, traveling. However, there is something you should do from the first day on and this something is writing reports. You should agree that except for studies you use reports a lot in your daily life no matter where you go[…]

How to Write a Memorable Speech: Tips for Beginners

When you are preparing for a speech, especially if it is your first time (but not necessary), it always helps to have a note in front of you to be more confident and not to be afraid to miss something. However, every speech should be written to be heard and not read so you need to grab the attention and paint an image with the[…]

College Applications: What Makes a Good Personal Statement?

The paper can be written both for college or when applying for a job and in each case, it brings value to your candidacy. The main purpose of the paper is to show your best side and it not only summarizes your skills and experience but also gives readers the understanding of what kind of person you are. This is why it is essential to[…]

How to Structure Dissertation: Best Writing Guide

During college students come up with hundreds of different papers and with the dissertation as well. One of the cases of dissertation writing is to present the results of your research and make your paper perfectly structured. However, not everyone knows that dissertation structure differs from the rest of the papers, although, they do have something in common. So how a good plan and structure[…]

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