Revision Policy

The Revision policy is a kind of service that a company provides with the purpose of ensuring the order satisfaction. is always ready to revise completed paper. The customer can make up to 3 revisions requests for free. The customer makes the request within 14 days from the date of completed order and within a period of 30 days if there are some huge assignments as dissertations, research proposals or thesis proposal and others. If the deadline is missed, the customer is able to choose whether he or she wants to have a new order, or to give a new one for editing but for additional payment.

  • Instructions

Until the revision instructions comply with the primary instructions, the writer can correct the work and make some changes, if necessary. The revision request can be rejected in case the Quality Assurance Department provides unique instructions concerning customer`s order.

  • Submission

“Send for revision” button is created to submit the request for revision. You can find it in the personal control panel before order approvement. If you want you can study the completed paper in the preview mode and then send the text for revision. If you are not pleased with the version – contact the Support Team.

If the customer requires the revision after the approval of the product you can contact the Support Representative. And in this case, you will have to provide an appropriate time frame and detailed revision instructions. In case the time is not accessible, the revision is not possible.

  • Deadline

You can ask for the revision any time before the order has been approved. A free revision can be requested even after approval of the product but within seven days. If the order is over 20 pages, you can revise it within 14 days after its approval. The paper is considered as delivered on time, in case the primary version of the order was delivered timely.

  • Number of Revisions

Three revisions are possible in case the revision instructions meet all the previous provisions. The customer should remember that as many revision instructions can be pointed out as needed in case the customer sends back his order for revision.

If the case customer`s revision request does not stick to the previous provisions, it is necessary to create a new order. In this case, the customer should clarify in details what he/she would like to change exactly, or which renewals are needed for his/her work.

Each customer have also to remember that only fourteen days are left after the last version of the paper has been delivered for the approvement. If the company doesn`t hear from the customer in the course of these 14 days, the order will be approved automatically.