How Doing Voluntary Activities Can Benefit You and Human Community

If you are a student who is dreaming about making the world a better place, then volunteering is the best thing to do it. Nowadays, volunteers are priceless because these people devote their time and energy to communities that pray for help. Volunteering shows us that the purpose of our life is to matter and be useful. That`s why such experience can be so beneficial[…]

Studying for HR Manager Abroad

In the fast developing and competitive world, it has become crucial for employers to have their staff work efficiently and produce the very goods and services they were hired to produce. It in turn leads to the increased role of HR specialists who are called to motivate employees and improve their efficiency. As HR management is gaining popularity as the major, more and more students[…]

Why We Forget things: 5 Quick Ways to Remember Your Ideas Right Now

We forget…a lot. We forget names, people, documents, appointments, tasks. We may forget to complete the job today or to pick up our granny from the airport tomorrow. We forget because we are just humans. It may be annoying (I know the answer but what, what is it??), often embarrassing (how stupid I am!!) and sometimes worrying (is something really wrong with me?). But you[…]

How to Use Social Media for Your Writing Promotion

Freelance writers often forget that social media is a goldmine of opportunities and benefits they can unlock with one click. Publishing tweets, pictures, and status updating may seem pretty different from what you are used to, but if you are looking for inspiration and recognition, there is no best way than to promote yourself online. Social media offers you a variety of platforms that can[…]

How to Survive Abroad if You Don’t Speak the Language

You are probably reading this article because you are planning to or have already moved abroad and you do not speak the language very well. First of all, calm down: this is not so scary as it may seem. The style of living is certainly different and the language is unknown, but people are the same so very soon you will find out yourself enjoying[…]

How to Start a Freelance Writing Business: Top 4 Tips

Profession of a writer is especially good for those people who prefer to be self-employed and value flexibility in when, where and how they work. Today you only require a computer and Internet connection to start writing and earning, this is why freelance writing becomes so popular among other jobs. The Internet is full of sources: entertaining and informative articles can be a great competitor[…]

How Music Helps You Write: Best Genres to Listen to

We use the songs we like most to become motivated while workout and to cheer up after a breakup, so there is no surprise that we use music to get inspired and feel more creative during the writing process. There is a constant debate on what kind of music copes with this task best: someone believes there is nothing better than classical music, some people[…]

How to manage loan payments during your grace period

When college years are over, you have six months before you start paying the loans – this is called a grace period. For many people, it is like a godsend, but just a few of them know that it is better to make loan payments during these six months. Why? This depends on interest: if you wait half a year before paying off, you will[…]

The History of Google: How It Started and What It Is Now

Every classic story behind a big corporation is associated with the hard work, original decisions, and luck. Google is not an exception. Like any other major company, Google experienced halting steps at the beginning. But today, this is the most visited website in the world. Google is known not only for online advertising and search engine services but for cloud computing, hardware and software inventions.

Top 5 Ideas for Vacation When You Are in College

Every student spends lots of hours in college attending lectures, making up different papers, passing tests, exams and just studying. But college is not all about classes and books; it is about new experiences and exploring new places. Going on a vacation can become one of them: give your head fresh thoughts and fill it up with good memories. Even if you are on a[…]

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