7 Most Hilarious Pre-Exam Superstitions

Are you afraid of some upcoming exams that are to be passed in the nearest time? Do you believe in different freaky superstitions? Then the following pictures drawn by Ninjaessays are specially for you! These will definitely help you take things easy! Try to look for a frog in your neighborhood to ensure success. Of course, we are joking, still eating some sweets can help[…]

How to dress well to pass your job interview successfully?

It is said that costumes are the first impression that you have of the people before they open their mouth – it really does establish who they are. So, image is really everything. It is essential to dress professionally regardless of the work environment. You should wear your powerful outfit but do not forget to stick to business-professional look. It can be quite difficult for[…]

Best fashion schools in the world

Fashion is about more than just a pretty dress – it has become the part of our culture. That`s why it is so important to get a fashion education that uncovers the strategies and rules of the world of fashion. The fashion education sector has already expanded significantly to meet demand. The leading fashion schools of the world have equipped their courses in such way[…]

Top 5 Inspiring Hotels in Japan

Japan is the place which attracts many tourists from all over the world. However, most of people claim that this country is rather expensive to visit, especially if speaking about accommodation. These days many travelers choose a great option to stay at hostels to reduce the cost of the trip. In this case, we should all be aware of possible drawbacks of living there, as[…]

Advice on presenting yourself a professional in HR interview

An interview is an important thing, which influences the prospects of your career development. It doesn`t matter whether you are experienced in interviewing or you are a newcomer, you are to check some useful tips to make the interview go smooth and easy. Check out the following advice to present yourself as a professional the next time you have an interview.

How to be creative in the modern world – several tips for artists in a hurry

In the modern world of rush and anxiety, many people face lack of time for their moral, physical and, most of all, creative development. Only 24 hours are at disposal of every person on Earth (excluding, of course, those with a specific manner of tracking time). Nevertheless, some people manage to achieve all-round development while the others strive for survival at work and arrive home[…]

Train Your Memory and Ace Tests Easily

Perhaps, every student faces the situation that his or her brain just refuses to cope with the heaps of the processed information during studying at school or college. If we just could manage our memory, this entire bargain with papers and tests will be a lot easier.

20 Facebook Communities for Authors You Will be Interested In

When you just begin your writing activities, different Facebook groups for professional writing can be very useful for you. There you can obtain all entry information for beginners and start your career as a writer successfully. Even if you are an experienced writer, communication with your colleagues in the social media can support your further development and help you follow all professional tendencies. So let’s[…]

10 Tips that Will Help You Make a School Story in Social Media

Being registered in numerous social networks, each of us posts dozens of random photos. Have you ever thought about not just simple sharing of your memories with your friends but surprising them with a real story about you? What about telling a story of your school life? It is not as easy as may seem at first sight. It is hard to surprise anyone with[…]

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