10 Tips that Will Help You Make a School Story in Social Media

Being registered in numerous social networks, each of us posts dozens of random photos. Have you ever thought about not just simple sharing of your memories with your friends but surprising them with a real story about you? What about telling a story of your school life? It is not as easy as may seem at first sight. It is hard to surprise anyone with a couple of bright photos. Your story should be consistent, thrilling and catching. We know how to make it so.

1. Decide on Social Network

Before posting the first photos of your school life you should decide which social media will you use for it. It can be a social network, which interface is the most user-friendly for you and where you spend most of your time. Also, your choice can be based on the format of the posting content (videos, quotes, photos, etc.)

2. Use Colors of Your School

To make your story more interesting and specific you can make photos with the colors of your school and use them everywhere you can. It will be something like a thematic tag for your story.

3. Post Various Content Formats

To make your story more vivid, use different approaches. Post photos, surprise your followers by different videos. Make your posts conceptual but not typical.

4. Capture Quotes

School life is a really interesting process within which we face different situations and learn a lot of interesting things. Listen to people carefully and catch what they say. The most interesting statements can complete your school story in the form of quotes.

5. Plan Ahead

If you want to make a really great school story, do not rush with sharing the first photos. Think over your strategy and a story format. That will be very helpful.

6. Catch the Right Moment

If there is going to be any great event at your school, be ready not only to have fun. For sure, your schoolmates will also post dozens of photos, but your photos must be better. Catch the right moment and post something really interesting and different.

7. Use the Video Recordings

The video format is a great solution for events and parties. Instead of snapping hundreds of pictures, it is sometimes better just to record a video. You can post it and share with your friends.

8. Try out a Live Feed

Live videos are becoming more and more popular among the users of the social networks. If you want to make a bright story about a school event, this option is for you. However, do not forget to practice what you are going to say in order not to forget everything during live broadcasting.

9. Make Snapped Stories

Instead of writing numerous posts, it is better to make a bunch of pictures and create a story using them. Such format is more popular among the users and for sure will be liked by your followers.

10. Make Interesting Posts

If you want to provide your story with a special charm, think over your posts. They should not be simple names of events or long detailed descriptions, which bore people. You can think over your style of posting and direct your story to a certain stream or at least make your posts catching.
We know that your school story will be the best one and hope that our tips will help you to tell it in the right way.