Some General Information

We are sure that each customer should know all ins and outs concerning the work flow and the security process inside the company. We always do our best to protect customers` rights and privacy. The information below includes some basic privacy terms:

  • Actually, we require only two kinds of information from customers: the first one is concerning the person identity (full name, phone number, e-mail etc.), and the non-personally data (browser type, provider, IP-address etc.). Personal information is required from those who are willing to become a member of our company or to participate in taking our online services. A customer provides his full name, email address, phone number, credit card number, age, sex, interests – that all depends on the aim. Non-personal information includes the data concerning your browser, IP-address, operating system, the duration of your visit to our website. Both personal and non-personal information is gathered to provide quality support and improve the process as the whole.
  • This information is needed to provide customers fully with all our services and offers, and to conduct the online purchasing.
  • Notice that we are able to disclose this information to the third parts, which are involved in the work process, for example our providers, promotional partners etc. Also, the information you give to us may be visible for other customers of our company, when you choose to publicize it, e.g. comments, feedbacks, reviews etc.
  • Information security. One of the most important aims we tend to achieve all the time is the securement of all processes. We do all we can to secure customers` information while its transmission with the help of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software. This system helps to encrypt all the data provided by customers.
  • If a customer becomes one of our members, he/she has an opportunity to update or change the information given before. If there are some difficulties with this option, just get in touch with our managers, who will solve such misunderstandings immediately. In addition, each can delete own membership and account entirely without problems.
  • These policies can be changed from time to time If it is needed. So, it would be great for each customer of our company to check this information regularly. In case of some material changes everybody will be notified with the SMS or email message.
  • Children under 13 cannot take up academic services at our company. It means they are not able to place the order and do the online purchase. Those under 18 can buy their papers online only with the parental or guardian control.

If you still have some questions concerning privacy issue, feel free to contact out Customer Support Platform as soon as possible. Be sure to get an instant result. Be successful and stay secure with our academic writing company.