Money Back Guarantee

Different sites provide you with high-quality works, but not all of them can provide you with the money back guarantee. What is this money back guarantee? It is an agreement between the customer and the seller of some production that allows the customer to get his/her money back in case they are unsatisfied with the production. allows you to receive a full refund in case the work is not suitable for you or the deadline is missing. has an original payment source that can receive the refund of the payment. To qualify for a refund, several rules must be observed. can provide you with following types of refund:

  • 100 % refund is available for orders with some payment mistakes. Among such mistakes is a payment for an identical order or a double payment for the same order. The Support Team works with such occurrences. But if the writer hasn`t started working on the order yet, the full refund won`t be possible. Such refund is also possible if there is no suitable writer for your order, then a Support Team initiates the refund itself. If you don`t more need the ordered assignment because of the delay in the delivery of the order you will also get 100% refund. But in this case, you are not able to use any of the materials because none of them will be delivered to you.
  • 70% refund is available only if the author was assigned when under 50 % of the deadline has passed. It is so because the compensation must be paid to the writer for the work he had already started doing.
  • 50 % refund is available in two cases. The first case is when the service can not provide you with a writer for revision. The second case is when over 50 % of deadline had passed, and the writer still was not assigned to your order.

If the procedure of the refund has been initiated, you will not be granted with any intellectual or property rights of the already delivered materials.

If you sent the order back for the revision, it means that you approve the order in general and require only small changes to the already finished material. But you should remember that when the order has been sent for revision several times, a 100% refund is impossible.

A refund is not appropriate in the following cases:

  • When money is from your Store Credit Balance
  • In some cases when the Quality Assurance departments accept that the original instructions of the order have been followed
  • VAT
  • In the cases when the Terms of Use of are not followed
  • If there are such extras as VIP Customer Service, Abstract, Plagiarism Report, TOP Writer, Table of Contents and Sources Used
  • If the orders have already been approved by you by pressing the “Approve” button
  • Problem Solving and Multiple Choice Questions orders. If you use provided by the writer answers you unwittingly approve the completed order. You may be qualified for a partial credit if the answers are less than 50% correct. The Customer Experience Manager determines the credit amount individually for each particular case.