Tactics for Students to Balance College, Work and Social Life

If you ask one of the iGens about the trends of 2017, you’d probably receive a definite reply – everyone now strives to stay awake. It has quickly become an essential skill in our global post-industrial society, but still remains a luxury for most of the freshmen, being really busy and becoming extra’s during their first year at college.

How to become a graphic designer without going back to school

The purpose of a graphic designer is the ability to combine creativity and a clear, logically verified basis. In order to achieve this, one must successfully solve a set of tasks, keeping in mind that each task is important in its own way. The final product of a graphic designer is a corporate logo, a new font, etc. They must meet many demands: recognition, a[…]

10 Reasons Why “C” Students End Up Being More Successful After Graduation

If we are speaking about the late 1800s, the main purpose of schools was to teach students obedience. As the industrial age came, big corporations and factories needed a lot of workers. The purpose of education changed a bit – their aim was to teach students being obedient and compliant workers, who will never take courage to ask questions.

Employment on-campus

When you are in college, the main emphasis is obviously on studying. However, if you are the person who has a lot of energy and would like to earn extra cash, you can combine studying with working. Many colleges offer a variety of on-campus jobs ranging from a library assistant to a barista. There are many vacancies to consider. Let’s take a look at some[…]

Why you should invest in self-education

We have many different valuable resources in our life. Some of the most important ones are considered to be time, energy and money. The quality of our life depends on how we choose to invest them. There are many things you can spend your money on, many ways to use your time and many activities to put your energy into. However, it turns out that[…]

Easy ways of creating a feeling of being at home in your dorm

Most students dream of leaving home and going to college. However, when they first see the room in the dorm where they will need to spend quite an extensive amount of time, they might get homesick. Maybe not straight away, but the longing for common things which they got used to in their parent’s house will show itself at some point. Usually, dorm rooms do[…]

How to train your brain to stop eating junk food

For some it is just a bad habit, for others, it turns out to be a serious addiction which deteriorates the quality of their life tremendously. Like any habit or addiction, your daily routine of eating bad foods is difficult to change and at times might seem impossible. However, if you want to move in the direction of improving your lifestyle, be healthier and live[…]

What is the number of colleges that you should apply to?

Depending on the field of your study, the number of colleges you can apply to varies. The first instance for asking an advice is talking to your tutors. They can help you define the number of establishments to apply to and they may also help you with the choice of college appropriate for your field of study. After that, you will be able to make[…]

12 reasons to send postcards when you travel

In the era of social media and instant messages the one thing left unchanged. The joy of finding an actual letter in the mailbox. Nowadays, it’s even more exciting than ever before. So let’s talk about the most traditional way of mailing – sending postcards when you travel. Here are 12 reasons why we think it’s a great idea.

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