Tactics for Students to Balance College, Work and Social Life

If you ask one of the iGens about the trends of 2017, you’d probably receive a definite reply – everyone now strives to stay awake.

It has quickly become an essential skill in our global post-industrial society, but still remains a luxury for most of the freshmen, being really busy and becoming extra’s during their first year at college.

While the idea of being pro-active and overload your schedule with a bunch of extracurricular activities seems to be a key to success, it could also lead to a so-called ‘mission drift’ of a young soul and severely damage your personality.

My quick research is aimed to expose some myths that might mess up your plans for successful future, as well as to shed some light on the well-known everyday practices that would be in a great help for those, who want to rule the world, riding the crest of a wave.

Very Long To-Do Lists:

A familiar feeling that faces you at the beginning of a study week – being swamped with a decent amount of tasks and playing around with your planner the whole day round to get everything to order. There is some kind of people who have two loves in their lives – drinking coffee and making lists. It’s important to recognize and admit that list-making can either take the more time diminishing your chances to meet a deadline, but also distract a one easily. Otherwise, Ninjaessays.us helps students with their tasks and writings.

Evaluating the time needed to complete this or that point of your list could result into a frustration, as you’d realize that time is never enough.

An easy escape from this is to work in chunks. To alleviate the burden, it’s recommended to split your work into a smaller parts. You may doubt such an approach, as the idea of jumping from one task to another can hardly help you to end up with a finished assignment. At the same time, refraining from a non-stop overnight marathons, you would remain more concentrated and productive – the change of a task would become a so-called rest for your brain and entertain you more than a case of your famous energy drink.

Fight the FOMO

College is not about studies only. It’s always surrounded by strong social affairs and activities that would complete a major share of your routine. It’s a time to explore your interests and develop talents, but don’t lie to yourself, you cannot be a nerd and a Bnoc at the same time. So, it’s time to say NO to some ‘lost opportunity’ and get rid of a fear of missing out (FOMO).

Do not go on SnapChat or Instagram to scroll the feed – you would become upset by the image of what others are doing now (and what you’re not) and that would take you away from building own background. And here https://ninjaessays.us/number-colleges-apply/ you can choose college to go in.