How to train your brain to stop eating junk food

For some it is just a bad habit, for others, it turns out to be a serious addiction which deteriorates the quality of their life tremendously. Like any habit or addiction, your daily routine of eating bad foods is difficult to change and at times might seem impossible.

However, if you want to move in the direction of improving your lifestyle, be healthier and live longer, there is a good news for you. It is, in fact, possible to rewire your brain in such a way that you end up preferring apple over a piece of cake. Try using our tips for some time and never go back to your previous way of eating that was harmful to your body.

Understanding how your mind works

You need to figure out for yourself what are the junk food items that you crave the most and what are the situations that cause you overindulge in them. For example, you may be bored and decide to have a snack, like crisps or cookies.

Or, perhaps, you feel that for your productive studying or working process, sweets or donuts have to be close to you. Also, it is possible that you successfully keep a healthy diet during your everyday life, but only to the point when you meet with your friends and cannot resist the temptation of stuffing yourself with pizza or a yummy burger with potato chips. What you can do is to try avoiding situations where there is a likelihood of you tucking into fast foods, at least for some time in the beginning, until you learn how to control your cravings.

Changing your shopping routine

It happens rarely that change of a habit takes place overnight, so checking out your diet and altering your shopping routine is a great beginning. You need to figure out what foods to avoid and what a substitution can be. You can adjust the junk food replacement items along the way. Before going to the grocery shop, make sure you have a list of healthy products you would like to buy.

This will help you avoid purchasing processed and prepackaged comfort food that you got used to buying. Bear in mind that the fresh food is usually situated in the aisles close to the entrance, and that is where the main part of your shopping should take place.

Learn more about junk food

The thing is that fast food sellers make their product look very good-looking and alluring so that sometimes it is almost impossible to resist having them. However, if we investigate deeper into how this unhealthy but so yummy looking food is made, you might want to change your mind. Getting to know what your many favorite things are made of can make you rethink your eating patterns. Some of the facts might repulse you, so it is very likely that you will say “never again” to junk food.

Gratifying yourself

On your way to a healthier lifestyle, it is important to practice your new routines regularly. However, make sure that you are not too strict to yourself, as this may bring opposite result and you will end up binging on unhealthy foods again. The secret is to have days when you can allow yourself your most favorite comfort food. This might be once a week or once a month, but it all depends on you. Gratifying yourself for your efforts will keep you motivated during the week and you will be less likely to get into your previous unhealthy eating habits.

Trying to eliminate any junk food from your diet is a brave decision, as breaking a bad habit and creating a new better pattern of behavior is never easy. However, it might be the best choice you have made in your life, even if it is challenging. When you reach the end result, you will be proud of yourself while your healthy body will be grateful to you for making such a wise step.

Georgetta Williams is spent a year in Canada studying. She blogged about her experiences while she was away from home in Liverpool here at She experiences as a student who studied abroad has left her a strong advocate of abroad study opportunities.