How to Make a Career on Television

Many people dream of breaking into a career in television. This opportunity to work with pleasure and earn money at the same time attracts a great number of people. Unfortunately, not everyone manages to get a job of their dream. The deal is that it is a highly competitive field which demands talent, experience, and right contacts. Student bursaries offered by the Royal Television Society[…]

How to Learn to Code

They say, “As many languages you know, as many times you are a human being”. So, if you are thinking of learning a new language, don’t forget to take into consideration the code one. It is not actually a secret that the language of the computer is global, and used widely all over the world. In addition, big companies and industries are constantly looking for[…]

Industrial Design: Decide What to Study Now

Eindhoven University of Technology offers a great opportunity to obtain a Master’s degree in Industrial Design for all students. In general, the Department of Industrial Design aims to study the design of intelligent systems, products, and related services in a societal context. The Master of Science programme itself concentrates on such aspects as researching, realizing, valorizing interactive systems. Students have a choice between three professional[…]

How to Overcome Depression Being a Student

You have probably been told that university days will be the best in your life. However, with the time, according to the survey, a lot of students find themselves in troubles, coping with many difficulties. Remember, you are not alone in this situation. The great number of students, especially freshmen, experiences some mental health issues.

5 Top European Cities to Do a Master`s Degree with no Fees

Studying abroad is the best experience for students. This could be a great opportunity to explore the world, broaden outlook, and get the education. In addition, according to the latest news, it is also a great opportunity to save some money. The thing is that Europe now offers free Master’s Degrees since the majority of Europe’s university systems are publicly funded. So, they offer flexible[…]

Top Travel Destinations for 2018

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. EXPLORE. DREAM. DISCOVER.

2017/2018 National STEM Award Recipient — Peyton Robertson

The National STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) Education Award establishes a person who exemplifies excellence in the theoretical and practical STEM education fields and who has significantly promoted STEM education. The 2017/2018 National STEM Award Recipient becomes Peyton Robertson. Nowadays, 15-year-old Peyton Robertson is the youngest recipient. Currently, Peyton has nine additional patents pending and five granted patents. In the history of the Discovery Education[…]

How to Solve Conflicts With a Remote Coworker

You’re definitely not alone if you’ve asked Santa Clause for getting along better with your remote co-worker. People have different characters, working effectively in the office and maintaining good relationships with co-workers takes some efforts. However, if you added distance to it you have to push twice harder to make it work.

Best student bank accounts 2018

If you don’t know which bank account to go with or how to apply, you are just in the right place to find out all you need. We give you information on each important issue, review plus comparison of this year best student accounts in a clear comparison table.

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