Best student bank accounts 2018

If you don’t know which bank account to go with or how to apply, you are just in the right place to find out all you need. We give you information on each important issue, review plus comparison of this year best student accounts in a clear comparison table.

Bank waits for YOU

Students are actively targetеd by banks. When students graduate they hope to get a higher than average salary by investing in themselves. Even if you now borrow money for your education, when you start ear, banks hope you’ll share that awards with them.

Banks want to establish loyalty, they do so to keep you for life after you’ve opened a student bank account with them.
Take notice that you can switch bank if it benefits your next deal. Be loyal to your friends, know your rights with the banks!

Don’t forget about the student bank account “freebies”

Don’t let them take you fully by freebies, in spite of the whole lot!

You need to be smart, because short-term may include cashback rewards, free products, “exclusive” offers and other things that may sound very desirable to you. However, you can pay for ordering papers at service.

Look for the largest student overdraft

The overdraft cannot be underestimated. It provides you with an opportunity to borrow money through “overdraft system” with 0% interest. That means that you pay back nothing more than the sum you’ve borrowed with an interest-free overdraft. Take full advantage of it as it is unique offer.

You’re in the game now. While being a student you make money be earning interests on the borrowed money. We’re not saying that it has to be some large amount of money, but it’s not a bad option for you!

Important thing is that the 0% interest doesn’t last forever. It can last few years after you graduate before interest charges set in. You have to start to pay up before you get screwed by the higher repayments.

And also, don’t ever go over the student overdraft limit that has been arranged, otherwise, you get bank charges. If you near the limit-contact your bank immediately.

Be aware of your credit rating

If you have time, spend it on getting know what the banks already have on you. The amount of overdraft they will award you depends on a credit score( income stream, spending history, past borrowing etc.) You can find more information here.

Good news is that it is possible now to get the access to your credit score for free with Experian. We had the experience to use this service, and so far it t the best we found.

Opening an account

Things you need:

  • One or two forms of photo ID:it can be your passport or driver’s licence
  • Proof of address: bank statement or recent utility bill
  • Proof of student status:a letter of acceptance from your university, or UCAS offer letter.

Now, you can apply online for a student bank account, but you still need to confirm the supporting documents to your local branch. And, remember that they don’t take photocopies, the document must be original.

I hope this information was helpful for you, and now things are clearer to you. We prepared this tips to make your cooperation with bank accounts safe, profitable and reliable.

Good luck with your choice!

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