How to Overcome Depression Being a Student

You have probably been told that university days will be the best in your life. However, with the time, according to the survey, a lot of students find themselves in troubles, coping with many difficulties. Remember, you are not alone in this situation. The great number of students, especially freshmen, experiences some mental health issues.

Coming to university means independence. You are not living with your parents any more, and you have to do everything by yourself. That’s what causes the biggest trouble for the majority of students. New people, lots of assignments and burning deadlines add to it as well. A lot of students also have many concerns about the money and their financial situation. All in all, depressions are mostly caused by general “adulting”.

If you are struggling at university, the very first step you should do is to talk to somebody. Tell what disturbs you and ask for a piece of advice. It is normal to use some discomfort and some issues with mental health from time to time for all people. So, do not be embarrassed to talk to somebody, who is ready to listen to you. Here`s who can help you:

  • Friends or Family
    Some people consider that it is much easier to talk about your problems to people you are not familiar with and have no personal relationships with them. However, your family and friends are those people who know you the best and are ready to help you any time needed. Be sure that they will understand you. Maybe, they have even experienced the same issues before. So, do not be afraid to open your heart to your close people. It will surely work.
  • Student Council Service
    If you are not ready to talk about your problems with people you know personally, student council service or writing service is a good alternative. Professionals there will listen to your and try to address the problem. Be sure that your information and everything said by your will be kept in full privacy.
  • Charity
    There is a great number of charities which offer non-stop support for people in trouble. Some of the most useful charities are Mind, Samaritans, Nightline, Student Minds and The National Union of Students. So, if there is something that disturbs you right now, remember that charities are there for you.

Besides some universities challenges, people also face some societal pressures. We are judged by how we address the issues and how it all goes. The most important thing to remember is that you live your life, and no one can write your life story instead of you.