20 Facebook Communities for Authors You Will be Interested In

When you just begin your writing activities, different Facebook groups for professional writing can be very useful for you. There you can obtain all entry information for beginners and start your career as a writer successfully. Even if you are an experienced writer, communication with your colleagues in the social media can support your further development and help you follow all professional tendencies. So let’s find out what groups are worth for joining?

The Write Life Community

It is a great community, which provides writers with different level of experience with an opportunity to ask questions, to share their opinion and to discuss pressing professional questions.

Calls for Submission

This group is a great opportunity for those who do not just want to chat and find out some information. This community posts works of writers and offers from writing services such as Ninjaessays.us. And if you are looking for a place for publishing, this can be the right option.

Create Yur Nomadtopia

This group is a right place for those who are searching for ideas and try to find their own style and creative thoughts.

Indie Author Group

This group is one of the biggest communities of indie authors with the emphasis on fiction. It is a nice place to get saturated with ideas and creative thoughts.

Smart Passive Income Kindle Group

This group is founded by the famous blogger Pat Flynn’s, who tells about all milestones when creating a Kindle book. Except following Pat’s story, you can share your experience and ask questions.

Indie Writers Unite!

Being carefully moderated to avoid spammers and trolls, this community can become a great place for your self-promotion.

We Blog…A Blogging Community

It is a great group for bloggers who search for new ideas, opinions, and thoughts and try to find new readers for their blogs.

Blogging Boost

It is another excellent community with numerous options and resources for bloggers. Not to overload your feed the group allows self-promotion on Mondays only.

Write On! Online

This group will help writers with their everyday writing routine by means of all sorts of effective tips and advice.

Fiction Writers Group

This community cannot offer you any self-promotion options, but, as most of the members admit, the group has a positive and motivating influence on its followers.

Children’s Authors and Illustrators on Facebook

Children’s Authors or people who want to devote their professional activities to writing books for kids share their success stories and discuss various related issues.

Writers Write

If you want to find friends for discussing and commenting on different events and news, this is the right place for professional gossip.

Careful Cents Freelancers Club

Joining this group provides you with a lot of perks. Being a member you can find not only interesting posts and discussions in the group but also numerous job offers.

Writers Helping Writers

This great community is an awesome place where you can receive professional support, advice and effective recommendations.

Writers World

If you are open to criticism and really want to hone your skills, this group will help you to receive a fair opinion on your works. Sometimes polite but honest assessment becomes a real motivator and coordinator of your further work.

NaNoWriMo Participants

Find throughout support, empathy, and advice to cope with your challenge by joining this group.

10 Minute Novelists

Find readers and critic partners if have some doubts about your work and read tons of motivating content. This community is an excellent environment for your development.

Women Writers, Women’s Books

This one is for women writers and authors where they can publish everything related to the group: questions, news, encouragement, various discussions.

The Aspiring Travel Writer

A popular blogger Alexa Williams Meisler runs this group, aiming at provoking people’s interest to travel blogging or just making their traveling more interesting and catching.

The Literati Writers

This group is highly recommended by all bloggers and writers; however, to join it you should be ready to pay $197 per quarter. What should you pay for? Membership in the groups provides you with different great opportunities for writers, such as live interviews with authors, personal communication with the group founder (Dave Ursillo), and an opportunity to be published in the blog and in one of the digital book projects.