How to Write Lyrics

You may have a perfect tune in mind, but without lyrics to match, your cause is lost. Here we will try and give you a few ideas about lyrics writing. Follow these and the process will come naturally to you.

  1. Once you have a tune, try dividing it into logical parts. There are different song structures, but most of them have verses and choruses. Some also include bridges, i.e. parts that do not match the rest of the song. Decide on the framework of your lyrics depending on the structure of your tune.
  2. Get inspired. Listening to your favorite singers might help a lot. Be careful, though, to choose songs with good and meaningful lyrics. If you feel unable to come up with something new, try rewriting poems. You can adapt and adjust them just as much as you need to get a perfect interaction with your tune. Write down your ideas on a sheet of paper – you will then choose the best ones.
  3. Be descriptive and, just like with any good piece of writing, appeal to senses. Include metaphors and similes and other means of expression. You must show rather than tell. Choose the leading emotion of your song and build on it.
  4. Be careful not to overspice your song with rhyme. If you use it, do so wisely. Songs with excessive use of rhyme and rhythm sound like chants.
  5. Be unique and creative. If you write another ‘girls just wanna get some fun’ song, it will not stand out. As a matter of fact, only songs with unusual and even bizarre lyrics are remembered the most. For the same reason avoid any common clichés – they will litter up your lyrics without any outcome but being mediocre.
  6. As usual, get some peer advice from a person whose taste in music you trust. If there is something they don’t get, don’t be afraid to change it.

Although the task might seem difficult at the very beginning, you will soon get involved and excited. Looking for the right words feels like a game – you can give up when it is difficult, or you can keep playing and win. Read more how to write a memorable speech