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5 things to know to come up with a perfect book review

Do you feel unsure when it comes to writing a book review? This task seems simple for book lovers but it may get you stuck with your thoughts not knowing what to start with. First of all, you need to know that other readers, just like you, will be happy if you share your opinion on the book because no matter if you liked it[…]

5 Tips on How to Write a Riveting Business Case Study Paper

It is a daunting task trying to gain the trust of potential new clients. Before you can expect clients to chuck their hard earned cash, the first thing you need to do is demonstrate your capacity to deliver on what your service or product promises. This is the first, most crucial step to a sales process. You can tell your potential clients that you are[…]

A Small Guide to Creative Writing Success

In this article, I would like to focus on creative fiction. Mainly, I would like to pay your attention to poetry, short stories and novels, creative non-fiction, biography and other forms of creative writing. So, what is creative writing? It is your personal freedom of expression. Writing creatively means showing your identity and differentiating yourself from the faceless mass. It is true that writing creatively[…]

How to write college essay

What is the college essay? For the majority of students the college essay is the worst part of their application process, it is like a challenge for them. Almost all universities and colleges require applicants to write it in order to accomplish their applications. In your college essay you are asked to express yourself, reveal yourself as an individual personality with reach soul and unique[…]

How to Write a Cover Letter That Works?

A cover letter is a part of a job search process that cannot be overestimated. This letter should accompany your resume and introduce your experience and skills in a more expanded form. In a word, a cover letter is a description of your reasons to apply for a certain position as well as a proof that you are the right candidate for a chosen position.[…]

Steps to create a narrative essay

Everyone likes telling stories on various topics, yes, sometimes they are not true but they engage people, they make them listen to you. Each story is a kind of a narrative essay. So, it`s important to know some tricks to create worth narrative stories and become a real master. You will get loads of such tasks in any educational establishment. We have prepared for you[…]

How to write a personal statement essay

An effective personal statement can help your application stand out among other applicants who also want to study in the college of your choice. Besides, writing such type of essay can help a future student figure out for yourself what are his strong and weak points. A student looks back on his life, makes conclusions and determines what he wants in future.

How to write a successful Curriculum Vitae (CV)

In order to apply for a job, a person needs to present his working experience to the potential employer. CV is a way to concisely demonstrate to the recruiter what candidate is capable of, what his skills and qualifications are. In order to get an invitation to the interview, the candidate needs to provide CV and if it is not done properly, the person might[…]

How to Write Application Letter

Finding a job may be a challenging task for many. Creating a great CV is good, but very often, even this may not help you get an employment. An application letter is something that can drastically increase your chance in the job search process. Here are some guidelines on how to write an application letter well and get the job which you want.

College application essay topics

It is very important for students to prepare for their college application essay properly. They are critical for your academic future. Your essay should reveal your personality and your best assets. You should understand and cover your topic properly. There is a big range of various college application essay topics, but they all concern your personality. Your essay is your personal statement. We want to[…]

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