How to structure your essay properly?

A lot of students can find it difficult to write an essay if they don`t know how to structure it properly. In order to unfold your ideas on the paper in the logical sequence and make them interesting to your audience, you should follow some very clear instructions. The structure of your future essay is like its skeleton. So, find out how to write a meaningful, interesting and coherent academic essay!

  1. How to write the Introduction?

Your introduction is general information about the purpose and theme of your essay. Its mail role is to grab the readers` attention. They should become interested in your essay. Your attention-grabber can be in the form of the interesting quotation, question, story, anecdote, statistic or surprising statement. You should provide your reader with the key information which you will cover in the body of your essay.

Thesis statement is the main part of the introduction. It should express the main part of your essay, its overall purpose. Show what you are going to explore in your essay and to focus on. Its length depends on the length of the whole essay. The introduction can consist of some several paragraphs. It should occupy approximately 10% of the total length of your essay.

So, in your introduction you should define and introduce the topic, provide the background information and the main purpose of your academic essay.

  1. How to write the Main Body?

The body of your essay consists of the several paragraphs. Each of them include: topic sentence, restatement sentence, illustration or example sentence, analysis sentence and conclusion sentence. All your paragraphs should clearly support your thesis stated in the introduction. They should be also expressed in the logical sequence, so that a reader could be able to understand your essay clearly. You should provide only the understandable arguments and claims in each paragraph. You should present evidence and examples to prove that the topic of your essay is important.

Each paragraph should begin with the topic sentence. The restatement sentence should clarify it. Illustration or example sentences should support the claims in the previous sentences. Analysis sentence should present how readers have to understand the illustration or example sentence. And conclusion sentence sums up the whole point of the paragraph and foreshadows the topic of the next body paragraph. The main body of your essay should expand your introduction. It occupies approximately 80% of your academic essay.

So, now you know the division of the Main Body and its peculiarities.

  1. How to write the Conclusion?

It is very easy to write the conclusion. It occupies only 10% of your essay. You can just rephrase the thesis from your introduction or recap the main idea of each of the body paragraphs. Your conclusion is like a brief summary. At this point you should give your essay a satisfying sense of logical closure. It is very important to write a concluding statement in the form of quotation, warning or just call people to action. Any new material is not suitable here.

Such is the end of your academic essay writing.

Now, when you know the proper essay structure you can easily write any essay where your thoughts and ideas will be written in the consequent order. With such perfect structure your academic essay will definitely get the highest marks!