A few tips how to choose the right topic for your dissertation

Dissertation or thesis topic determines the direction of your futures researches, as the degree seeker, for next 3-4 years. In addition, your successful thesis defense depends on the right choice of topic. So, this matter must be taken very seriously.

Usually, the topic is defined by your scientific supervisor, but the direction of topic not always coincides with your available experience in scientific and practical work and moreover your scientific interests. In addition, most research advisors offer their candidates to approach the selection and justification of thesis research topics. It must also be considered that precisely you will defend the dissertation but not your supervisor.


  • Select it in accordance with your experience and academic work, research interests, knowledge, practical side of the issues under investigation, as well as familiarity with the special literature on selected topics.
  • Try to link your choice with the subject and job profile.

You must also consider the following points:

  • The research topic must be in the field of department scientific research, which you attached to.
  • Next you need to decide on an issue with scientific perspective, within you will continue your research activities.

Among the practical steps of choosing the next should be include:

  • The studying of dissertations catalogs in the department and other scientific and educational institutions according to the profile of chosen specialty;
  • The acquaintance with the scientific periodicals and scientific works in the chosen field of study;
  • The comprehension of precursor’s scientific expertise in order to search for new outstanding issues or previous unsolved, or which do not meet the current state of science;
  • The critical assessment of the original version of the thesis theme.


On the advice of different dissertation services which in one voice declare that topic must be relevant, i.e. there is an urgent need in this issue in science and practice. The first item of your thesis or abstract should always describe your research topic relevance.

Your selected topic must have a scientific novelty. It means that you could proudly say: I did something new that nobody had ever done! The dissertation topic must have the value, i.e. the results of researches will make a definite contribution to the science and practice. After your topic correction, you must discuss it with the supervisor and department scientific staff, and then submit it for approval.

It should be noted that the topic of dissertation may vary during research process, depending on the results obtained and science development itself.